Midwifery Care with Ash Johnsdottir & Willamette Birth

Modern Care…Timeless wisdom

I’m passionate about offering my clients the best of the ancient and the modern world. Expect midwifery care that supports a natural birthing experience with age old midwifery wisdom and the best of today’s science & medicine.

Care that meets your needs

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you may know how rushed the typical prenatal visit is (after an endless amount of time spent in the waiting room of course). At Willamette Birth, the typical appointment lasts an hour, so we have more than enough time to address any concerns you may have in addition to the the typical clinical assessments. I also don’t schedule appointments back to back, so my clients don’t get stuck waiting around.

Labratory services

Blood is drawn and samples are collected in house At Willamette Birth, saving you an extra trip to the lab. Everything from the standard prenatal tests and PAP smears, to state of the art genetic testing is offered. And not just for you! We offer newborn metabolic screening for babies as well.

Call your Midwife

An urgent circumstances at 3 AM? My clients call my cell phone and talk to me instead of an answering service or a faceless machine. Browsing the supplement aisle and wondering which prenatal vitamin to choose? My clients can text me instead of sifting through google. Willamette Birth clients enjoy care that is truly accessible to you throughout their entire pregnancy and postpartum period, rather than just at appointments.

Client Portal

All Willamette Birth clients get access to our 24/7 client portal with exclusive resources and content. And because we chart with state of the art EHR software instead of paper charts, you’ll always have secure electronic access to your (as well as your new baby’s) personal health record & complete chart from your pregnancy.

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome at Willamette Birth with midwife Ash Johnsdottir. I see women from all types of lifestyles and backgrounds- athletes/fitness professionals and mothers who work in a cubicle and haven’t see the inside of a gym since high school. I am honored to have worked with families from an incredible array of religious and cultural backgrounds, from both traditional and nontradtional families.

Let's talk!

We can answer all of your questions about midwifery care and home birth! Schedule a consultation with midwife Ash Johnsdottir or call (541) 908-9188 today to learn more.

  • Ash is wonderful. She takes time to explain things to make sure her clients can make informed decisions. She also had a wealth of knowledge for all the resources I needed!

    Natasha Anderson Avatar
    Natasha Anderson
  • I worked with AE Johnsdottir during her training at Casa de Nacimiento for several very intense weeks. She was very open to learning and willing to test out ideas that were new to her. She listened well, then researched the options. Her sense of humor lightened tense settings, but she was never inappropriate with it. Her honesty was remarkable. I recommend AE Johnsdottir.

    Trish Ross Avatar
    Trish Ross
  • Ash was my midwife for my second child. She was great, always highly responsive whenever we needed to get a hold of her and she was great with my 4 year old. I gave her a 4 out of 5 stars only because she is medically minded and we had different beliefs in medicine but overall, my home birth was a success thanks to her!

    Carolina Barajas Avatar
    Carolina Barajas
  • What I appreciate most about Ash as my midwife, is her constant respect for my body. I She always asks for my consent before touching me, talks to me honestly yet compassionately about the choices regarding my body, pregnancy and birth. She is a great blend of western medicine and natural alternatives, and my partner and I left our appointments feeling well informed.

    Laboring and giving birth at home was a deeply empowering experience for me. Ash’s lack of intervention, gentle instruction and encouragement let me know that I could trust my body fully and that I was already doing what I was supposed to do. It felt so good to bring my baby girl into this world in my home knowing every step of the way that I was doing a great job.

    After giving birth, I felt very emotional, and struggled a lot with the physical changes my body was going through. Ash listened compassionately, spoke frankly about my options and was so kind with the support that she offered. I always felt better after talking withy her. She was easily available by phone, and always called me right back if she missed a call or received a text.

    I’m glad I chose Ash as my midwife and would recommend her to anyone seeking an empowering home birth experience.

    Añalena Marjenka Avatar
    Añalena Marjenka
  • We enjoyed relaxed informative prenatal visits with Ash. She took the time to explain the pregnancy and birth process. We felt very prepared and supported. Ash also encouraged good life style choices throughout the pregnancy and we now have a very healthy baby. For us, having our baby at home was the right choice and Ash was instrumental in making that successful.

    Moksha Rainbowlight Hatton Avatar
    Moksha Rainbowlight Hatton

  • Ash is such a great midwife! She made me feel secure and knowledgeable about our home birth. She also adapted very well to my family's needs and performed her services up and above the standard midwife. 10/10! See you next time!

    James Lewis Avatar
    James Lewis
  • As a first time mother choosing Ash as a midwife was the best decision I made during my early pregnancy. She is very knowledgeable in all stages: pregnancy, delivery and post-partum. Before I found Ash I had three appointments with my OBGYN. In my first appointment with Ash I learned more about my pregnancy than I had during all my previous OBGYN visits. Ash provides a comprehensive Handbook covering everything from pregnancy to child-birth and post-partum. I found this extremely useful and informative. At all times during Ash’s care I felt safe and confident in her skills and knowledge trusting in her ability to provide the best care possible, which she did. I could not imagine going through my birth without Ash as my Mid-wife, she empowered me, giving me the best possible birth imaginable!

    I highly recommend Ash Johnsdottir!

    Aubree Minten Avatar
    Aubree Minten
  • Amazing! That's the words I would use!! I had two previous births, both in a hospital. I was looking for something different, something personal and unique. Ash was just that. She was thoughtful, caring, reliable, and really listened to my concerns and worries. She was always prompt in getting back to me when needed. As far as birthing, she came when I called no questions asked. I really couldn't have asked for better care for my in home birth. I highly recommend Ash!!

    Katelyn Bobeda Avatar
    Katelyn Bobeda
  • I made the decision to switch from an OB to a midwife at 20 weeks because I was determined to receive personalized and gentle care, and that is exactly what I received from Ash! I never once felt rushed during any visit, she answered all of my questions professionally and unbiasedly. Ash was incredible throughout our home birth... Calm, patient, and supportive. I appreciated her extensive knowledge and techniques, and her unique combination of classic midwifery and modern medicine. If you are searching for an intelligent and encouraging midwife, Ash is your gal.

    Kasey Lea Eames Avatar
    Kasey Lea Eames
  • We received excellent, individualized care from Ash Johndottir. She is an incredibly intelligent person, as well as a very kind soul. I especially love how she bridges the gap between the medical and midwifery realm--taking the best of both worlds to provide the best care for her clients. Her in-home office and patient library is very cozy and welcoming, and she is always sure to ask consent before doing any procedures (even one as simple as touching the baby belly). She answers all questions as thoroughly as possible within the realm of her knowledge, and goes out of her way to research further if necessary. She was always a phone call or a text away, I felt like I could ask her anything at any time and receive her full attention. She treated my family and my unborn baby with the utmost respect, and when my daughter was born successfully at home she provided us with incredibly efficient medical care, as well as genuine warmth and affection, at the birth and in the 6 weeks following. So grateful for Ash and highly recommend her!

    Britta Hough Avatar
    Britta Hough